Ringler Radio

We have been producing Ringler Radio for our client Ringler Associates every month since 2005.  It’s a content marketing strategy that makes sense. Each program is a broadcast style talk-show format, hosted by Larry Cohen at Ringler Associates (that’s him in the photo above), along with his colleagues as co-hosts. Guests on the podcasts range from top plaintiff and defense attorneys across the nation to reknowned industry experts with insights on topics ranging from workers’ compensation issues, product liability, medical malpractice, 468B trusts, financial security, long-term disability, trial consulting and jury selection.  Our marketing and distribution strategy gets the word out to the right audience. You can sample all the programs here.  Nearly 2 Million listeners have!

The Podcast Strategy

Podcasts are a great way to reach the audience. They’re portable, easy listening and available on-demand. Professionally produced and recorded ones are our style. Producers and writers here prepare the content, book guests and our ace audio technicians make the recording magic work. Then we distribute the podcasts in an RSS feed, in iTunes and on the client’s website. And for Ringler Radio, we even built a micro site where all the podcasts live. Click on the image to the left and check it out! It pays off for our clients, turning their expertise into real business!

Digital Media Today

Our strategy for clients doesn’t stop with just producing the podcasts. We turn some of them into well-produced video podcasts. And they’re all made for sharing in social media. If you need to know why, well just watch the Digital Media video. It only takes a bit more than a minute to watch. We also created a YouTube Channel for this client with individual team videos as a plus!

Video Profiles

The people at Ringler Associates are what makes the company so great. And that’s why seeing and hearing from their people was such an important part of our marketing strategy for them. Check out some of them for yourself.